Foundation System

A Powerful 4 step Invitation System

1. Build Your Event
Indiana Golf Outings will build a custom invitation website for your event that matches the look and feel of your organization’s website. We can create several different pages for conveying information with custom navigation for maximum flexibility. By reusing your organization’s event templates and updating the information, we can create new websites instantly for your regularly occurring events.

2. Promote Your Event
Indiana Golf Outings provides easy-to-use features to help market your new event website. Through email invitations, we drive invitees to your event site to register. By uploading previously created contact information spreadsheets directly into the invitation creation center, we can populate your email list while saving time. We can send simple plain text emails or create robust emails with mail merge codes and embedded images and video. We automatically send registration reminders to invitees who have not registered as the event date nears.

3. Receive and Manage Registrants
Potential registrants and sponsors can visit your site, choose their registration package, provide information about themselves, input their sponsor information and company logo, and securely checkout without leaving your site. There are NO LIMITS to the number of registrants per event. We automatically send confirmation e-mails to successfully registered attendees with other event details.

4. Prepare for Your Event
With all of your event information stored and carefully tracked, we can automatically create special event forms for your participants and reports for your committee. We can create unlimited reports with the latest information. Reports can be sent as links that can be used in real time without the need to pull and send the same report multiple times.