About Us

Indiana Golf Outings

Indiana Golf Outings is a local organization that provides community golf outings with the valuable resources they need to save time and raise additional money for their golf event.

We started this organization, because we enjoy the game of golf.  But just as important, we want to give back to our community. Our vision for Indiana Golf Outings is to support our Gift4Giving charity program. Through our fundraising efforts, we support four programs that are important to us.

  1. Children’s programs
  2. Young adult/teen programs
  3. Families at Christmas
  4. International fresh water projects

Each year, we select charities from the group which meet our criteria, to whom we donate our profits. We believe if we share ideas and resources that can save golf outing committees time and money, they will be inclined to support our Gift4Giving program on an annual basis. The expertise we provide to golf outing committees starts with our four-step golf event management system called The Foundation. We believe The Foundation system is a must in today’s world to compete for fundraising dollars.